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Top Trade runs day and night.
If you need a better product at a better price, please leave it to us.


Top Trade Korea

is a sourcing company of a cooperative retail company in South Korea. Our main activity is to secure high-end brand products produced in Korea at competitive prices, develop various kinds of competitive private brand products and share them globally.

Our mission is to create value by providing products with the right quality and competitiveness to a wide range of worlds through streamlined collaboration and efficient processes. As a sourcing organization, it has strong roots in the values of partners and symbiosis, and provides convenience in life with products we supply. Our goal is to become the most effective sourcing company in Korea.


Sourcing with a Partner

Strategic buyers, sourcing project managers, and category coordinators establish, negotiate, and manage relationships with new and better product suppliers worldwide.

Quality assurance and management

Product experts develop and guarantee specific product requirements, test and describe products and ingredients, and investigate the safety and quality of products.

The best way to predict the future 

Our Product